Motorhome Hire: The Best Financial Choice

Buy or not to buy?

Let’s be honest – things are getting more expensive, substantially more expensive. Many of us are still feeling the financial impact of the covid-19 pandemic, and it looks like we are heading into a recession. This can lead to many families worrying about how they can save money without negatively impacting their quality of life.

One great way to spend time with your family is going on a holiday – however, this can be extremely costly. Since the coronavirus pandemic and with added travel complications due to Brexit, many families are looking to the UK for holidays or Europe but choosing to drive rather than catch a flight. Motorhome purchases and hires have increased in recent months – but which is better? Buying a motorhome outright, or hiring when you need one?

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Motorhome Affordability

Going on holiday as a family can be extremely expensive – from paying for travel to accommodation, and travel insurance to your daily budget. Motorhomes are a great way to cut down costs as they combine both your travel and your accommodation in one, for less money. This will mean that you can afford to spend more on other parts of your holiday such as eating out or activities.

On top of this, a motorhome includes a kitchen meaning you don’t have to eat out for every meal, as this can be extremely costly. Instead, you can easily make some simple meals on the burners in motorhomes for lunch or dinner.

Motorhomes also allow you to cut down on transport costs as you can move around in them. Although you will need to pay for fuel, this will still work out cheaper than relying on taxis to get around.

Less Maintenance

It is better to hire your motorhome from a professional motorhome hire company, instead of buying your own. Firstly, this is because it will cost less upfront – important if you want to spend your money elsewhere. Additionally, by hiring a motorhome, you are leaving the responsibility for the upkeep of the motorhome to the hiring company, rather than being responsible for it yourself. This could save a substantial amount of money over time and is much less hassle.

No Parking Issues

Another reason why it is best to hire a motorhome, rather than purchasing one is to avoid parking issues when you are not using the motorhome and looking to store it at your home. Most people will not have the room to store a motorhome easily, and therefore, will struggle for space in their homes. When you hire a campervan, you give it back to the hire company at the end of your trip – they will then clean and store this for you – meaning less hassle for you.

The Take Away

Spending your holiday travelling the UK or Europe in your motorhome is a great idea – not only is it a good way to see parts of the country that you may not have visited, but it also helps you save on the costs of accommodation and transport. When thinking about getting a motorhome, hiring one is definitely a more cost-effective and practical option instead of buying one. So why not start your motorhome adventure today?

Rent before you buy

If you do wish to buy a motorhome then renting is the perfect opportunity to see if its right for you, and to decide which layout is best for you.  For years, we have welcomed customers who are looking to buy a motorhome but want to ‘test the water’ before buying one.  We stock a number of brands at Luna Motorhome Hire and believe we are in a position to offer a range of motorhomes or campervans to try out.  We also offer advice to our customers on what to buy or not to buy.

If you are seeking to buy a motorhome then we recommend getting in touch with our friends at Alan Kerr Motorhomes