Mini Winnie Hire

Mini Winnie hire for the film industry

What we do

We provide motorhome hire or as known in the industry – mini winnie – hire to the film industry.  The film industry in the UK has grown and we are sure you are well aware of the difficulties in getting mobile green rooms and private individual spaces for cast and crew has been quite a task during this growth.

During the re-opening since Covid began, we have also become more aware of the importance of keeping a shoot going and preventing ill health especially when it can delay a shoot for up to 2 weeks.

We provide mini winnie’s to shoots up and down the country.  We can supply with or without drivers and are able to deliver to shoots as required.


Our Experience

So far we have been fortunate enough to provide our mini winnies to shoots such as Star Wars, BBC and ITV productions and Mission Impossible to name just a few.

We have provided our vehicles with and without drivers and have had some amazing feedback from location staff and cast members.

Not to mention we note that we can be up to 50% cheaper than the larger units currently used by productions and we believe that by turning to motorhome hire you can find yourself actually saving quite a bit of your budget.

For more information on our minim winnie hire services, we recommend you get in touch initially.  We recommend you book in advance to secure availability.

Flexible Mini Winnie Hire

Over the past few years we have become aware of what is required by the industry.

We can offer a flexible management of our facilities where ever you may be in the country.  Sometimes you may require just a couple of day hire for a short shoot or re-shoot.  

Sometimes you may require lengthy hire for a shoot happening in the middle of nowhere.

We find that by offering our flexible management on hire our mini winnie hire, we can make it work for you.  If you require more than 3 mini winnie on site, we always recommend having a member of our team on site to assist with regular cleaning and upkeep of the facilities.