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Luna Motorhome Hire is now based in Towcester.  Just 5 minutes from the M1 and you can be driving around the country or into Europe in one of your very own motorhomes or campervans from Luna Motorhome Hire Northampton.

When hiring from us, you can benefit from free secure parking, experience of a few seasoned pro’s from the industry to show you around and how to use the motorhome and a great customer experience when you book with us.  From start to finish you will find out why our customers rate us 5 stars.

Why fly, when you can drive to where ever you want to in one of our motorhomes.  Travel into Europe and enjoy your journey knowing we have you covered with our European breakdown cover!

What are your options

Luxury Motorhome Hire Northampton

We have a variety of motorhomes for hire from our depot in Towcester.  From 2 berth motorhome hire to 6 berth motorhome hire we have the choices that will be right just for you.

Book your ultimate travel excursion today and find out what life is like on the road.

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Our Motorhomes

Motorhomes are bigger than campervans and they generally have a van based front end with a fibre glass rear end which is called the habitation area.

Our 4 and 6 berth motorhomes have a range of layouts which can be a rear fixed bed and over head bed, to a low line vehicle where there is a fixed bed and a bed that drops from the ceiling of the vehicle.

Our larger motorhomes have bunk beds or u lounge, over cab bed and a dinette that turns into a small double.

Our Campervans

We have a few campervans for your to choose from.  Campervans are generally smaller than motorhomes and are on van derived vehicles using the van itself in a full conversion.

If you haven’t been in a motorhome before these would be a great start if you are a little worried about driving one.

Our campervan hire comes with toilet and shower on board and they sleep 2 or 4 people with limited luggage space. 

They are great if you wish to travel far distances in short periods of time.

Why hire from us in Northampton?

The fabulous small village of Towcester, Northamptonshire is a great place to start your journey.  Why? we hear you ask, well actually it doesn’t matter where you start your journey from but who you go with does matter.  Which is why here at Luna Motorhome Hire we are here to provide you with the best in campervan hire.  

We offer great customer service, great experiences with different vehicles from budget to luxury.  Pick which ever suits you!