Oooooo, what else can you add?

Electric Scooter Hire

Why not add electric scooter hire to your booking. Child and adult scooters available.

pet friendly motorhome hire

No, we don’t sell them but you are welcome to take your own. Add your pet at the checkout

Additional Insurance Cover

Why not cover yourself for every eventuality. This policy covers you for everything and we mean everything. 7 and 14 day policies available.  Covers 1 driver only

European Insurance Cover

Wish to travel to Ireland or Europe? Then add this cover to your hire.

Additional Driver

Add an additional driver to the basic insurance policy.


Wild camping? You may want to add a suitcase generator to your hire.  This will help keep you going when you find yourself short of power

Pre Paid Fuel Package

Feeling a little strapped for time or just can’t be bothered to refill the fuel? Then take this package and we will do it for you.

Motorhome Sat Nav

Our Sat Nav will stop you from going down those tight lanes and low bridges.

Leveling Blocks

Never sleep on uneven ground with these leveling blocks

Toilet Chemicals

We will include 1 shot of toilet chemicals in your toilet cassette however this is a great purchase to keep you going when out and about