[cs_image CS_SC_IMAGE column_size=”1/2″ cs_image_url=”https://lunamotorhomehire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/zefiro_696_686.png” cs_image_url414645=”Browse”][/cs_image][cs_column column_size=”1/2″ cs_image_url102977=”Browse” flex_column_section_title=”Motorhome Investment Programme”]Low interest rates means that anyone with savings are getting a rough deal on their money.
Imagine how great it would be to actually get a great return on your investment. 10% to be exact. Remember, those hard earned savings are meant to provide you with income to enjoy life more.
We have an opportunity for you to be able to make a return on your investment and enjoy holidays in any of our fleet with up to 2 weeks per year free of charge.
[cs_column column_size=”1/2″ cs_image_url145292=”Browse” flex_column_section_title=”How It Works”]Your investment is secured against one of our luxury brand new Roller Team or Swift motorhome that retails up to £48,000 depending on which model is purchased.
You will invest anything between £33,000 and £40,000 which depends on the model chosen to fit within the fleet.
Your monthly returns on your investment will be paid directly into your bank account every month for 36 months. Your investment will then be returned to you on month 40.
Your motorhome will be secured on a legally binding chattel mortgage . A Chattel Mortgage is a fixed charge over a vehicle and is the best form of security a lender can have. Your Chattel Mortgage will be secured on a particular vehicle.[/cs_column][cs_image CS_SC_IMAGE column_size=”1/2″ cs_image_url=”https://lunamotorhomehire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/zefiro_690_685.png” cs_image_url54583=”Browse”][/cs_image]
[cs_image CS_SC_IMAGE column_size=”1/2″ cs_image_url=”https://lunamotorhomehire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/t-line_740_565.png” cs_image_url396569=”Browse”][/cs_image][cs_column column_size=”1/2″ cs_image_url166492=”Browse” flex_column_section_title=”Free Motorhome Holidays”]Not only do you receive a fantastic return on your investment of 10% but you will also receive (subject to availability) 2 weeks hire free of charge per year.

You can use your 2 weeks at any time of the year and travel anywhere within Europe. Your motorhome holidays are completely transferable so you can give your free weeks to family and friends if you wish. however, if you’ve never been away in a motorhome before, trust us, you don’t know what you’re missing.
[cs_column column_size=”1/2″ cs_image_url264080=”Browse” flex_column_section_title=”How To Invest”]The first step to becoming an investor is to make contact with us here at Luna Motorhome Hire by calling the number above or by emailing us at info@lunamotorhomehire.co.uk

Then you’ll receive a loan document which sets out how your investment is structured as a loan from you to Schmidt Leisure Ltd (Luna Motorhome Hire)The next step will be to commit by paying a £1000 deposit which secures the vehicle for order and then once the motorhome becomes available, you will be contacted to pay the balance of the loan. Once the chattel mortgage is in place your monthly payments will start to be paid into your bank account on the last day of every month.[/cs_column][cs_image CS_SC_IMAGE column_size=”1/2″ cs_image_url=”https://lunamotorhomehire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/auto-roller_747_567.png” cs_image_url153079=”Browse”][/cs_image]