How much is it to hire a campervan?

How much, where to hire and what types of campervan

Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend away or a longer break, we take a look at what it costs to hire a campervan in the UK

Campervans, which are also known as Motorhomes if you are from the UK or RV’s if you are from the USA are becoming a more popular way to travel and holiday by UK holiday makers.  Finding your way to new parts of the UK or travelling to Europe has become more available due to the growth of Campervan Hire in the UK and its popularity.  Hiring a campervan means you don’t have to worry about luggage limits and you can take anything you wish with you to make your holiday much more comfortable.

Campervans can come in various sizes.  From small Nissan vehicle conversions, to the well known VW conversion, to panel van conversions that have either been professionally converted by a reputable manufacturer or an amateur campervan builder wishing to put their own mark on their vehicle.

Why hire a campervan?

Campervans are ideal for those who love an adventure.  Being able to explore new places at your own pace is something that just can’t be beaten.  You can also save money by not staying in expensive hotels an flights.

Factors that affect prices:-

The biggest factor that affects pricing is the seasonal costs.  Usually its cheaper to hire a campervan or motorhome during the winter season.  The peak season tends to be the school holiday season or festival season such as Glastonbury or Latitude weekend. 

The type of campervan will also potentially change the price of the of the hire.  Some companies will base it on the size of the vehicle, some companies will base it on the vehicle itself for example, how basic or prestige it is.

Finally and the most obvious will determine the price is the length of the hire you wish to take.  Most campervan hire companies have a minimum hire period.  Most reputable ones will have a 5 to 7 day minimum hire period.

So how much is it to hire a campervan?

Lets start with low season.  Low season is generally between the dates of Mid to late October right the way through to March.  This is the perfect time to get away at a real steal of a deal.  You receive the same service for a smaller price.  For the explorers, walking and hiking trips are great or why not stay warm and head to Spain or Portugal.  A weekend at this time of year will cost around £475 to £500 where as a week will be around £700 bearing in mind there are usually minimum hire periods.

Mid season or ‘shoulder season’ is usually between April and June and then September to the mid to end of October.  This is where you will find the prices rise for around £600 for a weekend to between £960 to £1040 for a week.

High season is deemed as Mid June to the end of August.  Here you will typically only have a 7 night minimum night option which will be around £1400 per week.  

Long Hire Discounts:

Usually companies like Luna Motorhome Hire will offer long hire discounts.  a 2 week hire will be cheaper (per week) if you hire 2 weeks or longer. These prices are based on 2023/2024 rates.

Where to go on your campervan hire holiday.

There are many places you can travel to on your campervan hire holiday.  You can travel locally to get used to the idea of a campervan hire holiday or you can, tour the UK.  Go to places a plane could never take you or even drive to mountains and hike.  You could even explore Europe.  No matter where you go there will be an adventure waiting for you somewhere, where ever that may be.

Use resources such as Search for Sites You can pay for a yearly subscription which is currently £5.99 but absolutely worth it to have sites, pub stops and free stops listed on an App which is available on for Apple and Android.

Another website recommended is pitchup.com which is also Europe wide.