Cruise Around Germany In Your Motorhome

Germany, one of the largest countries in Europe

Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe and one of the best ways to explore it is in a motorhome – travelling in comfort across the nation. The country is famous for its Autobahns which are in great condition, making travelling easy. However, with these roads come a number of cars travelling at high speeds and therefore, it is important to keep checking your mirrors and moving with the flow of the traffic. There are many places to stop in Germany, but here are some of our favourites that you can drive between in a couple of hours.

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a perfect road trip to germany in your campervan hire

The Nürburgring

One stop that is vital for any sportscar fan is the Nurburgring. The famous racetrack is located in the town of Nurburg in the German district of Ahrweiler. 

The town itself is pretty small but it is easy to spend a few days here. There are two race circuits in the area – the north loop, or Nordschleife which is the older circuit that was used in a number of famous races from the past, and the modern Nurburgring circuit – often used for Grand Prix races. These two tracks are placed side by side but do not connect. The racetracks are impressive and built to a high standard. Inside the complex, you will find a museum that shows the history of racing in the area, shops, restaurants and hotels. Take some time to explore this area before taking in some history by visiting the ruined hilltop of Nurburg Castle built within the German Eifel Mountains.

Take a Trip to Heidelberg

Heidelberg is often cited as one of the most beautiful towns in Germany and is great to explore. Built on the banks of the River Nektar, the town is great to explore. Stay nearby at Camping Heidelberg for an affordable stay that is around 5km outside of the town centre but easy to get to by bus.

Walk through the streets of the old town, visiting the traditional restaurants and shops while taking in the historic architecture. Make sure that you cross the traditional bridge in the town centre and then head to the castle which can be accessed via a mountain railway – at the top, you will see views of the whole valley.

Relax in Sommerach

One hidden gem in Germany is the region of Sommerach, which is a great way to round off your holiday in a relaxing way. The region is famous for its great variety of wines, where you can visit local vineyards to sample what they have on offer and walk around the sprawling vines.

Why not hire some bikes and cycle between the towns in the area visiting the local restaurants and walking on the old streets. Be aware that this area is not often frequented by tourists, so fewer of the residents will speak English compared to other regions and menus are likely to be in German.

When it comes to where to stay, consider the Camping Katzenkopf which is located within the forest, on the banks of the River Main. The campsite has a number of facilities and a restaurant available on-site.