Do you dream of watching the sun set over the ocean? Do you yearn to spend more time on the side of a mountain? Or take your friends and family on an epic road trip across the UK or even on the continent? Hire a motorhome and give your next holiday the freedom and flexibility you’ve always dreamed of!


Here are just a few reasons why you should hire a motorhome for your next holiday:


Everything you need, all in one place!


Motorhome Rental offers the comforts of home whilst being away from home. You have everything you need all in one place; a sleeping area, living area, bathroom facility and kitchen.  All you need to add is yourself, and your luggage!  You can pack everything you need into your motorhome without worrying about whether or not you can fit those extra toys or that extra pair of shoes again!


I don’t know about you, but the worst bit about a road trip for me is the packing and unpacking between stops – taking a roadtrip in your motorhome offers an entirely stress free and relaxing experience.


Freedom and Flexibility


Hiring a motorhome puts you in in the driver’s seats of your holiday.  No one wants to follow a strict time schedule as you’re traveling through those long country roads or following the coastal path to your next scenic destination.


Imagine walking into a quaint country pub for some lunch and hearing the locals talk about a festival happening the next day.  Travelling with a motorhome means no hotel reservations to adhere to, offering you optimum flexibility and the ability to add to your plans last minute! you can create your schedule as you travel, when you find that great spot to watch the sunrise you needn’t worry about rushing off to your next destination.


There is one challenge every holiday is faced with: the weather.  No one can predict the weather but when you hire a motorhome you can alter your plans to find more favorable skies.  If you’re in search of a sunny beach vacation and find yourself faced with rain you simply take your hired motorhome and find a new spot!


Stress free and affordable!


Hiring a motorhome is a stress free and affordable holiday option.   Owning your own motorhome is quite the expensive endeavor that goes beyond the initial sticker price. One must consider the cost of financing, road tax, insurance and the depreciated value when you come to sell. Once you’ve taken into consideration the amount of money it takes to own the motorhome you must consider the maintenance of not only the interior but the engine as well; the repairs can become expensive very quickly! Hiring a motorhome removes this stress. Once you’ve selected your motorhome you simply pick up your vehicle and drive off to your dream destination.


If you’re planning your next epic holiday adventure be sure to speak with Luna Motorhome Hire first.  You’re just a few miles away from your next great adventure.  When you hire a motorhome, your options are only limited by your imagination