Looking to rent out your motorhome but not sure where to start?

Let’s talk about renting out your motorhome.  Firstly, why are you looking to rent it out? Is it to cover the costs of owning a motorhome or is it to dabble in the hire market to see if it could be a business opportunity?  Maybe its an investment that you are looking to get a return on.

All of those reasons are valid and if you are thinking about it, what process should you go through to start hiring out your motorhome.

In a series of blog articles I am going to talk about renting out your motorhome in various ways and what the benefits are against the risks of doing so as ways to protect yourself and your motorhome if you are looking to hire out.

So, in part 1 (this week) we are going to talk about the first steps to renting out a motorhome.

Choosing the right motorhome

If you are looking to hire out a motorhome you have a couple of choices.  Firstly, if you want a motorhome for yourself, but to cover the costs of it you would like to rent it out get the motorhome that is for you.

Whether it be a 2 or 6 berth motorhome, make sure you are buying the motorhome that is for you to enjoy and not your potential customers.

If you are looking to purchase a motorhome simply to earn some extra money as well as enjoying a few weekends a year in it, then why not chose one that would be suitable for small families, maybe a 6 berth motorhome so that you can cater for couples or families.  The more people that your motorhome sleeps, the wider the range of customer you will be able to offer your motorhome to.  Consider the layout.  Some people will prefer a fixed rear bed, yet some people prefer a bed to be over the cab which allows for more living space.

Having been in the rental market for a few years I have seen what rentals sell well.  Motorhomes with rear bunk beds work well with families.  I can also vouch for a 6 berth motorhome that has a rear lounge where your overhead cab bed is in situ and the lounge is the perfect place for your customers to chill out during the day and make up the bed at night.  This works well for families but also families with people who aren’t able to make the climb up to the overhead bed.

Another major thing to consider about the motorhome is the age and the make.  Again if you are buying for you, then go for what ever you feel fits your needs.  Personally I prefer the Autotrail models as the quality is good, they are made in the UK and its very likely they will be around for some time to come.  I also prefer newer model vehicles and the design and décor really has come a long way from the old flower printed seat coverings.

If you are looking to buy specifically for hire, it may be worth looking at a year old or 2 year old second hand model initially, just to keep the costs down to start with but if you can afford to buy new, then I would recommend it.  Sometimes within 4 years parts for these vehicles can find their way out of the market and before you know it, you are scraping around for parts you can’t get hold of, or the design has changed so much that the fridge you have is suddenly out of date so a replacement (if it stopped working altogether) could mean a kitchen rebuild around your fridge. I have to say, I have not had this problem, but it could happen.

So, in short. When choosing your motorhome, consider

  1. Is it for you or is it specifically for hire?
  2. Age and make of the vehicle, will parts be easy to come buy

One last thing to consider.  If you rent out your motorhome, remember.  People using it will not respect it in the same way you do.  You will get dents, marks, breakages, damage and sometimes damage that would scare the pants off you to make you want to give it up almost instantly.  You will have to detach yourself from the love of the motorhome and accept that it has become a tool.  Your heart will sink when you get your first knock, and it will happen.

This concludes part 1 of renting out a motorhome.  Luna Motorhome Hire provides a rental programme for motorhomes owners to rent out their motorhome to may money on.  The company also offers a fantastic motorhome investment programme with a 10% return on your investment.
For more information on renting out your motorhome with Luna Motorhome Hire or investing, why not check out the website to find out more at www.lunamotorhomehire.co.uk