One thing about London is that there are not many places for motorhome hire companies to store their motorhomes. Well we have the perfect option for you. Just north of London off the M1 you will find Luna Motorhome Hire.  We are just 15 miles off the M1/M25 juntion which means that we are the perfect choice for your motorhome hire London.

So how would you go about hiring one of Luna Motorhome Hire’s vehicles? Get in touch by calling us on 0333 577 1177 or email us via the contact us tab.  We also have live availability online for you to check, potentially book too!

Being based close to London means that we are also close to the London Airports.  Just 25 miles from Luton airport and 30 miles from Heathrow airport means that if you are flying in from another country and want to hire a motorhome close to London again this makes us the perfect choice for you.

Campervan Hire London

Britains first ever campervan / motorhome was created by a chap from Bexhill – On – Sea who shipped over a Pontiac Six Chassis from America and used a local coach builder to create a home from home on the back of a vehicle.  The vheicle was created in 1935.

Now, we cant offer you a vintage campervan, they are all under 2 years old.

RV Hire London

In England we use the term motorhome or campervan but for all of our stateside friends they refer to them as RV which stands for recreational vehicle. If you are one of our stateside friends looking to hire an RV in London we are here to help.


Would you like to hire a motorhome? If so, get in touch today.