From north to south, the UK is indeed one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With tons of attraction centers and beautiful scenery, it can get pretty overwhelming deciding the best motorhome destination for your next vacation.

No worries! Luna Motorhome Hire has got you covered! This short yet interesting article covers the top 5 motorhome destinations to visit in the UK. Thank us later!

  1. The Forest of Dean

Think you need a time machine to travel back into ancient times in England? Wrong! All you need is a motorhome. Yes, you read right. With your motorhome, you can enjoy a safe ride around the Forest of Dean. Come enjoy nature in its tranquil state.

  1. Isle of Skye

A trip through Greater Britain will be incomplete without making a stop at the Isle of Skye. This breathtaking motorhome destination is a dream come through for many who love to staycation in a remote area, away from all the noise and crazy. Here, you are sure to find some of Scotland’s most prestigious landscapes. It is indeed a dream come through.

  1. The Lake District

Thanks to the coronavirus, we are all celebrating in the drive-thru style. This makes the lake district more fun. Lauded as the largest national park in England, the Lake District is home to lush green dales and vibrant villages. You could take a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery or drive through the villages and quiet hamlets. Want to take things up a notch? Try a boat trip across the lakes!

  1. Cornwall

Looking for a picturesque motorhome destination in the UK? Take a trip to Cornwall. Although it is the farthest westerly county in England, this rugged coast boasts amazing spots that you cannot find anywhere else. From the sandy beaches to the historic maritime features, you are sure to overfeed your wanderlust in Cornwall.

  1. Cardiff, Wales

Our list will be incomplete without mentioning this breathtaking spot. Have you always dreamed of seeing a castle? Yes, a castle. Well, here is an opportunity to make your dream come true. The beauty of visiting the castles in Cardiff is that it is home to some of the oldest and best castles in the UK. Where else would you rather have this magical experience?!

Let’s help you get the best motorhome for staycation

All in, we know you are pumped already. We too! One more thing – you need to rent a motorhome. There are plenty of reasons why a motorhome staycation is your best bet for 2020. For starters, it offers a level of safety and comfort that you cannot get with other means of transportation.

As you create your bucket list of places to visit, be sure to pick the best motorhome for your staycation. Luna Motorhome Hire are the guys for the job!