Motorhome City Visit - Amersfoort

A City voted 'best European City 2023'

We all love a City break every now and then so why not combine a motorhome holiday with a city break?  Voted ‘Best European City’ by The Academy or Urbanism

The coveted title of ‘European City of the Year’ has been bestowed upon a city in the Netherlands.

Amersfoort, a historic city, offers more than just Amsterdam’s canals, bikes and Van Gogh paintings in its museum.  Neither were we familiar with it – however, do not allow that to discourage you.

Situated on the western side of Amsterdam, the city proudly showcases a historic old town centre adorned with buildings that date back to medieval times.

Regarded as one of the city’s most stunning streets, Muurhuizen Street boasts a nearly circular layout that attracts tourists to leisurely wander through its charming shops and dine at the various restaurants scattered along its path.

Similar to Amsterdam, Amersfoort boasts a network of canals complete with charming bridges and gates, perfect for a leisurely boat tour.

For those interested in art, the city boasts the second largest selection of Van Gogh pieces. Additionally, it is where Piet Mondrian, a pioneering Neo-Plasticism artist, was born and raised. Tourists can visit the Mondriaanhuis, his childhood home and birthplace.

For those seeking views, the city also offers plenty. The Lieve Vrouwe tower remains as the sole remnant of the church that was mistakenly destroyed.

At a height of 100m, the climb may seem small, but the stunning city views that await you at the top make it well worth it.

The city of Amersfoort was bestowed with the honor by The Academy of Urbanism in London, who conducted an evaluation of its sustainability, urban planning, and management during their visit.

Furthermore, the city was highly commended for fostering a high standard of living for its inhabitants and preserving its distinctive charm and historical significance.

According to the judges, Amersfoort prioritizes the welfare and contentment of its residents. This is evident in their efforts to restrict car usage and offer a variety of high-quality affordable housing options.

Where to stay:

There is a spot within the city that is next to the canal.  There is a spot for 3 campervans that offer facilities as well during the summer but not in the winter.

Google co-ordinates – N 52.162075, E 5.377966

Rates of 12 Euros per day apply (2023) and does not change during the year.  You may visit the website to book your spot via the harbour masters office.

Visit their website to book HERE

An independent campsite in Hilversum is just 30 minutes driver from Amersfoort.  This campsite is located in a forested area near to the lakes of Loosdrect.  There are plenty of walks to go on, great facilities, a bar and a restaurant on this site.  Its open between  the 15th of March and 31st of October usually.

Google co-ordinates N 52.193501, E 5.154833

Bookings can be made by calling +31 35 577 19 26 or by visiting their website HERE